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General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

This website is the property of FRP Europe BV (hereinafter referred to as “FRP Europe” or the “Company”).
Contact details and registered office:
FRP Europe BV
Industriepark De Bruwaan 27D
9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 773 48 88
Company number: BE 04 59 20 24 53

1. Acceptance of the general terms and conditions of use of this website

By accepting the cookie policy pop-up, you expressly declare that you agree with these general terms and conditions of use.

2. Intellectual property rights

The content of this site, including the brands, logos, drawings, data, product or business names, texts, images, etc. are protected by intellectual rights and belong to FRP Europe or entitled third parties.

3. Limitation of liability

The information that FRP Europe provides on this website is general in nature and is not adapted to personal or specific circumstances. The information may not therefore be considered by the visitor to constitute personal, professional or legal advice. FRP Europe ensures that the information is complete, accurate and correct. In spite of such efforts, inaccuracies inevitably occur. If inaccuracies occur, FRP Europe will make every possible effort to correct them as quickly as possible. If the visitor should find inaccuracies, he/she can always contact the site administrator by emailing

Neither can FRP Europe be held liable for direct or indirect damages arising out of the use of the information on this site. The content of this site may be adjusted, amended or supplemented without notice at any time. FRP Europe cannot be held liable for faulty operation of the website or temporary (non-)availability of the website or for any form of damage, direct or indirect, arising out of access to or use of this website.

Under no circumstances may FRP Europe be held liable directly or indirectly for damage resulting from the use of this website, in particular as a result of hyperlinks, including but not limited to all losses, work interruptions, damage to programs or other data on the computer system, to hardware, software or other property belonging to the visitor.

FRP Europe’s website may contain hyperlinks, which refer directly or indirectly to third-party pages. This link does not imply that this represents implicit approval of the content of the third-party pages. FRP Europe has no control over content on third-party pages and can under no circumstances be held liable for damage resulting from the use of these pages.

4. Applicable law and competent courts

The interpretation and application of these general terms and conditions of use, and use of the website to which they refer, is subject to Belgian law.

Only the courts of the judicial district of East-Flanders, the department of Ghent, are competent in case of disputes, which might occur in response to the use of this website.

5. Privacy statement

5.1. Processing personal data

FRP Europe complies with the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 on the processing of personal data, amended by the act of 11 December 1998 and from 25 May 2018 by the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) which takes account of the European directive of 24 October 1995. This law stipulates that the person, or company, that collects personal data must have permission to do so from the person whose personal data is involved, that this data must be relevant, accurate and correct and that it must be collected for specific, clear and lawful purposes.

FRP Europe collects personal data, which is submitted to it by the website visitor using the contact form, quotation form and appointment form.

In so doing, the following data can be collected: your first name, surname, address, company name, occupation, age, password, telephone number, email address and bank details / credit card information.

The data acquired in this way is only used by FRP Europe to deliver to the visitor a service that may have been requested, to facilitate recording of the visitor’s details so that he/she can be contacted concerning questions he/she has asked, to allow FRP Europe to improve the quality of its service and to enable FRP Europe to keep you informed about the offers and products that we may reasonably assume may be of interest to you.

The website visitor confirms his/her consent for the collection and processing of his/her personal data by clicking a checkbox intended for this purpose when sending the contact form, quotation form or appointment form.

Furthermore, FRP Europe can process your personal data on other data processing grounds, more specifically:

when required for the performance of the agreement between FRP Europe and the data subjects;

when required to serve the legitimate interests of FRP Europe;

to comply with a statutory obligation, for example subject to a court order;

for the fulfilment of a task of general importance or a task within the framework of exercising public authority imposed upon FRP Europe.

You can view, change and/or (arrange to) erase your personal data individually at any time by contacting us at

You are also entitled to lodge a complaint against the data processing by reporting the matter to the aforementioned email address, and are entitled to lodge a complaint to the Data Protection Authority.

Data Protection Authority

Drukpersstraat 35

1000 Brussels, Belgium

Tel.: +32 (0)2 274 48 00

Fax: +32 (02) 274 48 35


The visitor is guaranteed the protection of the privacy of his/her personal data through the use of an SSL certificate at Domain Validation level, issued by COMODO CA Limited.

5.2. Contact form, quotation form or appointment form  

If the user uses the contact form, quotation form or appointment form on the website, FRP Europe will only retain and use this data to be able to subsequently contact the visitor to be able to provide him/her with any requested service, and to keep him/her informed by (electronic or standard) mail about offers and products, in which we might reasonably assume they may be interested.

When submitting the form, the visitor will be prompted to check a box to grant his/her express consent to process his/her personal data in accordance with this privacy statement.

This data is retained for as long as is necessary for processing purposes. The data can be viewed, amended and erased at any time by contacting us at

5.3. Limiting the use of personal data

The Company undertakes not to pass on any personal information to other organisations for commercial purposes or otherwise.

5.4. Children

FRP Europe does not intend to knowingly collect data from users of the website who are under the age of sixteen or to send marketing campaigns to them.

FRP Europe advises parents to be involved in the online activities of their children to prevent data about children from being collected without the necessary parental permission being given to do so.

As soon as a person with parental responsibility becomes aware that his or her child has provided personal data to FRP Europe without parental permission, FRP Europe invites him or her to contact FRP Europe by emailing FRP Europe shall erase all relevant files from its system within a reasonable period of time.

6. Cookie policy

6.1. Consent

FRP Europe collects your personal data using cookies. Under the implemented GDPR legislation, your consent is required for this. By accepting the cookie policy pop-up, you grant FRP Europe your explicit consent. You can withdraw your consent on the use of cookies by FRP Europe at any time.

6.2. What are cookies?

Cookies are text files, which are installed by FRP Europe on your computer or mobile device. Using these cookies, FRP Europe is able to collect information about your behaviour on the website. As a result of the cookies you will be recognised at your next visit, which means that you won’t have to log in again. In this way, we can also count the visitors to the FRP Europe website and analyse how they navigate the website. In this way, visitors may be used for profiling purposes and we can improve the website. The visitor may withdraw his/her permission at any time by sending an email to FRP Europe’s website uses various cookies, which we list in the table set out below. FRP Europe also uses cookies deployed by third parties.

6.3. Which cookies does FRP Europe use?

The table below provides more information about the individual cookies that we use and the purposes for which we use them:

CookiePurposeData receiverDeletion
_first_pageviewVisitor recognitionFRP Europe10 minutes
jsuidVisitor recognitionFRP Europe20 year
_cfduidSafetyFRP Europe1 year
nQ_visitIdVisitor recognitionFRP Europe70 year
nQ_cookieIdVisitor recognitionFRP Europe70 year
_custom_data_usernameVisitor recognitionFRP Europe20 year
_custom_data_emailVisitor recognitionFRP Europe20 year

6.4 Google and Google Analytics

FRP Europe’s website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc.. To be able to use Google Analytics, Google Inc. saves cookies on your computer or mobile device. On behalf of FRP Europe, Google Analytics will use this information to evaluate and report on your use of the website. You can prevent the use of your data by Google Analytics by installing a browser plug-in using the following link: 

The following cookies are set by Google and Google Analytics:

CookiePurposeData receiverDeletion
_gaAnaltyticsGoogle2 year
_gidAnaltyticsGoogle2 days
1P_JARVisitor recognitionGoogle1 month
APISIDVisitor recognitionGoogle2 year
CONSENTVisitor recognitionGoogle20 year
HSIDVisitor recognitionGoogle2 year
NIDVisitor recognitionGoogle6 months
SAPISIDVisitor recognitionGoogle2 year
SIDVisitor recognitionGoogle2 year
SIDCCVisitor recognitionGoogle3 months
SSIDVisitor recognitionGoogle2 year

6.5 Facebook

FRP Europe’s website uses a Facebook Pixel. This pixel leaves cookies on your computer or mobile device. That means that your data is retained on the FRP Europe website by the pixel. In this way, FRP Europe obtains information about your behaviour on the website and on Facebook. In this way, you can be profiled for marketing purposes.

The following cookies are set by Facebook:

CookiePurposeData receiverDeletion
fr Visitor recognitionFacebook3 months
c_user Visitor recognitionFacebook3 months
datr Visitor recognitionFacebook3 months
xs Visitor recognitionFacebook3 months
presence Visitor recognitionFacebook70 year
wd Visitor recognitionFacebook1 months
act Visitor recognitionFacebook70 year
pl Visitor recognitionFacebook3 months
sb Visitor recognitionFacebook2 year
locale Visitor recognitionFacebook2 year

6.6 Blocking the use of cookies

You can always block cookies by activating the setting in your browser, which ensures that all or some cookies are refused. If you adjust your browser settings to block all cookies, you may not be able to access certain or all parts of our website. You can always contact FRP Europe if you have any queries or want information about its cookie policy.

6.8. Useful links about cookie management in your browser:

Microsoft Edge: